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Tyler Foundation recognized by Boston Children's Hospital
Athol Daily News
February 6, 2012

A big thank you to all our partners and sponsors!
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The reason behind the foundation, how we have helped and continue to help. We hope you will watch this video and consider supporting us.

Providing financial support to families' of children with epilepsy that are being treated at Children's Hospital Boston and UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.

How the Tyler Foundation helps families
  • Supplying meals gift cards to families of children who are inpatients at Children's Hospital Boston or UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.
  • Donating gas cards to be used by families who are transporting children to doctor's appointments and hospital visits related to epilepsy.
  • Providing financial assistance for the purchase of therapeutic equipment used in the treatment of children suffering from the delayed development caused by the brain malformation and seizures - items such as bathseats, seizure monitors, and other items not covered or paid for by insurance.
  • Purchasing ketogenetic diet supplies including scales and required books.
  • Bridging the gap for fixed expenses including electricity bills, rent, and car insurance.

 How You Can Help
Please consider all the families out there that do not have insurance, or have insurance policies that will not pay for medical equipment for these children. These kids need this equipment to regain their skills, and help them get stronger after surgery. Not all families are fortunate to have the money to pay the $8 per day for parking, or the money to pay to eat out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some do not have family and friends close by to bring them home cooked meals.

Any donation, in any amount will help us provide free parking, hot meals, and possibly even medical/therapy equipment to these families.

"Heather, Erik and The Tyler Foundation,

Many thanks for your great act of kindness. You have really helped me in this hard time. Being able to have a smooth transistion home with no worries was truly made by you and your foundation.

I do not have enough words to Thank-You.

Thank-you truly from the bottom of my heart."

- E.N.

"The gift cards allowed us to focus on our daughter's medical needs and not worry about how we were going to pay for dinner that night or how much parking was going to cost at the end of our long stay."

"The Plotkins are angels and their foundation is one that deserves to be recognized and supported. They are people, just like you and me, and they're simply helping people during a time of need."

- Tracey B